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These and other questions are how I amuse myself

Here I am in language, sex, and gender debating on what to call Bill Clinton if Hillary becomes President. First Lad or laddy? First gentlemen? First husband? And that got me thinking, which one of you promised me political porn for my birthday? Because I find myself lacking.

Can't you just see it? Jensen running around in charcoal pinstripe suits and abusing his poor staffers, or getting all icy over issues like universal health care? And Jared would totally make an awesome eco-terrorist! Or maybe just fresh out of college hippie who totally demands that Jensen be more liberal, and they get into lots of arguments and have sex over Jensen's desk.

Also, I don't suppose any of you have Goldfrapp's latest album.

ETA: It has been brought to my attention that I have been spelling laddie incorrectly. Forgive me!
Tags: first gentlemen, political porn
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