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I am pouting

I can't sleep. When I close my eyes I have thousands of story ideas running rampant, however nothing for what I'm actually working on. EVIL. I just have this one ridiculous idea of the boys role-playing the renaissance. Dean all tricked out like Raphael as he paints a wonderfully forbidden nude of Sam. I mean, WHAT? I feel like major psychotic drugs would have to be involved.

And then I have this vision in my head to Closing Time by semisonic where the song is playing in a club, and this girl is most persistantly hitting on the elder Winchester, never realizing why he seems so distracted until we get to the final rendition of the chorus, and Sam pops up and leaps into Dean's arms. There are times I'm truly hampered by the fact that I can't work with visual media. Unless I wanted to be an asshole and somehow install music into the fic page.

That can be my project for modes of production. Student Film Casting Call for actors to play incestuous brothers on a TV show and possibly to act as the actors who play those incestuous brothers. Be ready to get your porn-fu on (only attractive people need apply). This is your chance to get famous. Come to Saybrook underground on Thursday night to watch what we're looking for and then try your mettle. There will be pie, group crying sessions, and a workshop to see if you can adequately imitate the sounds the impala makes. Due to budget constraints we are unable to locate an actual impala. Or a moving vehicle with a bigger engine than a golf cart. Nevertheless, we have high hopes.

Wow, I scare myself. Maybe I'm secretly dreaming all this.
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