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The last time I did a prompt fest, I didn't get to all the requests (although, ifyouweremine, your prompt is actually part of a larger story that is going to be written, same with pocketfullof). And I've realized it's because I'm not very good at domestic/schmoop/pwp one-offs. I used to write those back in the early days of SPN fandom, and you will notice, they simply aren't very good. I have no illusions about this. I'm a little high concept, when it comes to writing fic.

I got to dev_earl's prompt about Jared meeting the Ackles Clan, and found myself cackling and turning Jensen into a Scottish Thane of the Clan Ackles, with Jared as a Cistercian monk at Furness Abbey near the Scottish border that Jensen abducts for security purposes, and then introduces to the ways of *ahem* love. You will not believe the amount of research that went into this.

“You’ve got gall, stealing from poor monks,” Jared said, hefting another apple. The man reached for the sword at his side, and Jared threw the apple, hitting him in the meaty part of his arm. The man cursed and dropped his hand.

Jared was about to whack him with another rotten apple for good measure when two more men on foot appeared and three ahorse. Jared turned to keep them all in his sight, habit swirling around his legs.

“Look, brother, we badly need the food,” a new voice said. Jared narrowed his eyes. The man was wearing a studded leather jerkin over muddy velvet. The only part of his face he could make out under his hood was a sensual mouth.

“Oh no,” Jared shook his head. “Every time you start your wars with the English king, you march right through our Abbey, taking and eating everything you wish, and then trodding all over what’s left. A good portion of the village depends on our meager resources.”

“Listen, you can either let us go quietly, or we’ll make you go quietly,” the man said, kneeing his horse forward until its nose bumped against Jared's chest. Jared gazed back at the shadowed eyes, not intimidated.

“You're threatening a monk, Jensen,” the man next to him laughed, his dark hair cropped close to his skull. “A futile effort.”

“Look, we can’t kill a man of God,” the one he’d pelted with apples injected, wiping his mussed sleeve. He shot Jared a dark look like he might revise the statement.

“He hasn’t woken any of the others has he?” Jensen said, pulling his hood back. He kept sharp green eyes on Jared the entire time. Jared lifted his chin.

“I don’t think so,” the second man said. “We might just take him with us.”

Yes, that is my point. SO! Now that I find myself once again at a loose ends when it comes to what to write and who to write about, I'm asking you to supply me with prompts. I'll take as many as you'll offer, but get this, it has to be fandom/fic cliches. Your favorites--pretending to be gay, getting locked in a small space, genderswap, high school fic, hooker fic, age fuckery, I don't know, whatever. High concept is the name of the game! Any fandom that I've written before or listed in the last prompt fest or my profile is fair game. Just know that I don't really do het. Because I am a terrible person. Although I'm open to crazy RPS pairings.
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