the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

I do not understanddddddddd

My life is so sad.

memphis86: and I will cheer you on for Eric/Nate
fourfreedoms: I am actually being forced to write a sequel to that damn genderswap
memphis86: ahahah by whom?
fourfreedoms: pretty much everybody who commented to my story. And rosekay actually wants me to write Brad genderswap.* So I'm like, going to be writing genderswap until I die.
memphis86: pretty much.
I will etch it on your headstone
fourfreedoms: wrote genderwap until death?
memphis86: "She died tragically when her genderswap fic notes caused a fatal papercut"
"She is survived by her gentleman lover, Alexander Skarsgard"

*This Brad genderswap might possibly involve pooltable sex and Brad still being the bigspoon.

Also, I think John Hughes' passing means somebody should write a sixteen candles AU for Brad/Nate. Ah god, it's going to be me isn't it?
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