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Di: You said he wasn't that bad.
Alicia: I was so wasted. I would've been friends with Saddam Hussein if he offered me an m&m.

Went to San Francisco today with Alicia and Di. We ate chocolate, tried on second-hand shoes, listened to bad music, ran around the Haight trying to find a bathroom, ranted about crazy art teachers, and bought absolutely nothing at all. Well except for the exotic soaps I bought from the store with the cashier who clearly suffered from 'blew out my brains with too many drugs' syndrome.I got home and went off to Borders and dinner with mum. Colleen's back so now I won't have to pine over her.

Now you can all enjoy my handiwork ie what I spent my time doing when I wasn't watching 21 Jump Street and reading both good and bad fanfiction. 16 lovely icons for you all to ogle. Mmmhm.
-eight Sark/David Anders icons
-eight Center Stage icons

Sark/David Anders
.01 .02 .03 .04
.05 .06 .07 .08

Center Stage
.09 .10 .11 .12
.13 .14 .15 .16

check the resources if I've used a brush/texture that's yours, if I haven't credited you, you can yell at me all you like

To whom it may concern . . .well, break is almost over. Hah, even Alicia and Di think that there is sexual tension in Star Wars. Even if it's not between Anakin and Obi-Wan, but Han and Luke. Oh well, I tried.

Tags: icons, the haight, yaoi
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