the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Don't be late to the party, hardy!

So, I quit my job, actually got paid in a reasonable amount of time, and have time to work out, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, go to midnight showings of Batman, and see Amazing Spider-Man another fifty times. Shit is good. And you know what that means? Prompt party!

Pairings I will write this round: Travis/Wes, Brad/Nate, Micke/Grant, Stark/Alex, Teen Wolf (as long as it has Scott in the pairing, because, um yes I love Tyler Posey), Andrew Garfield!Peter Parker with like...anybody, Ben/Sammy, Charles/Erik, Snow White/Huntsman, Bruce/Dick, Ethan/Brandt (from MI4), aaaaand, if the prompt is good enough I will attempt Kaner/Tazer, but only because rosekay made me promise.

Micke/Grant, A Swingset for hypertwink
Close Call, Stand Tall Tag for pjvilar

Tags: fic, fic party
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