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And there you'll be

Got a kitty this weekend from the humane society. He was originally called Jeffrey, but I have always thought that was a horrendous name so I changed it. His name is Goblin and he's a little sick right now, poor thing. Florence can attest to all the kitty snot he's spewed out. It's actually kinda amusing. Right now he's sitting on my lap and if I attempt to move him he digs his claws into my clothes. He's already kinda ruined the sleeve of my shirt. Oh well, he's very affectionate, so in the end I don't mind.

We finally finished our depression project! It was unsurprisingly a depressing task, but tomorrow we're gonna have fun with it. If you're in my chem class, you'll love us forever. I swear to you, it's gonna be hilarious. I also have to say this: don't double cross me, I'll poison you with Wellbutrin.

To whom it may concern . . .Right now Goblin is warily eying the printer.
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