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So the sun came out and I was too laid up to do anything about it

So I didn't go to any of my classes today (Xtine you'd be so proud of me), but only because I had the worst bout of cramps of a lifetime. My dad actually came by and brought me tea and sat with me for a bit. Anyway, I couldn't really do anything, so I drew a picture of Jenny boy...only I guess it's really Dean from Skin.

So I'm rather fond of it, it's basically the only thing I've drawn all year, and I got kinda bored halfway through which is why his chest area is kinda...not so good.

And this is me, contemplating. Actually it's just an excellent picture in which I do not look like I have a beach ball for a head. So I must share it with all of you.

ETA:OH MY GOD, do I need to have a beta for regular entries or something? This is getting ridiculous.
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