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Could be worse, could be raining

You guys know me, whenever I start getting tetchy and upset (see the last two days), I get my hair cut. But at the moment I can't really bankroll a trip to Melissa, because she costs me like $90 a cut and all the other hair stylists in Palo Alto are equally expensive and if not then they're just crappy. I don't want hair that looks like my head was hit by a lawnmower. That would not make me feel better at all. So I was like, Mom, here, you do it, you used to cut my hair.

She did a fine job. Other than the fact that I asked for chin length and wound up with a frickin' bob. So dear world, meet Lauren of the bobbed hair. *cries*

I actually don't mind it that much. Although I do think my expression is pretty funny, and it's shorter so I can't really complain. It kind of always amazes me how much happier I feel when my hair is different. You guys better watch out, I'll start dying it parti-colored. (By watch out I mean STOP ME).
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