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I'm happy, happy, happy

I've had a good couple of days. At the moment I'm rocking out to the Rolling Stones, making Cake for Erica like I promised when she was still at Davis, and typing this entry.

Everything's just been easy lately. I finally got myself to the farmer's market on the Embarcadero. I bought two new Olive Oils. So now I have FOUR in the house (a grassy estate blend, tahitian blood orange, roasted garlic, cold press extra virgin). I thought this was noteworthy, because I am the Queen of Olive Oil. I wonder if that's in my interests. It probably should be.

There's so much for me to do, all sorts of good fic to write and to read, I have a bunch of netflix sitting around, a pile of books to get through, I'm hanging out with Erica later, probably. It's just, I like feeling occupied like this. And duh, CAKE.
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