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I love how I've totally shat all of my new years resolutions already, haha. OH WELL. On the positive, I've been so freaking busy visiting everybody in the Atlantic Northeast that it's been a bit difficult to keep myself apprised of all of it. (I look at it that way because I've come to realize that when I don't write in here, I actually don't know what happens in my

Anyway, I'm freezing my knees off (yes, this is possible) in a cafe right now, drinking possibly the worst hot chocolate ever invented. It's tough to get shit done when it's fucking 19 degrees both inside and outside the cafe. I just want to be in my bed.

Oh hey, remind me to cancel my gym membership.
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The wonderfullest time of the year

So I don't know how many of you read this these days, perhaps you're all off on tumblr, posting really cool images and gifs. That's okay, that's mostly me too. (You can find me at stolenbytigers, if we aren't already tumblr bff).

Anyway, it's that time again, that time when I make you all give me your address so I can write you some fics in Christmas cards. I know I failed at this last year rather spectacularly due to the somewhat untimely death of my Grandfather two days before the holiday, but this year, I am determined to be better! And also not freezing my fingers off in the Netherlands, which should make it easier to send the card off.

I WILL WRITE YOU ALMOST ANYTHING. You know that, but if you aren't sure, please just ask. I am a big fan of small fandoms for these things, so Bruce/Dick from Batman, Sammy/Ben from Southland, Marcus/Esca, Emily/Nolan, Tim/Raylan (for realzies this year), Wes/Travis, my Micke/Grant crossover (or Stark/Alex, I am always good with that), The Lost Boys' Sam/Michael, Dom/Brian, Exley/White from LA Confidential, Reese/Finch from Person of Interest, and Holmes/Watson from the RDJ films, but also from Elementary.

And of course the big ones...Generation Kill, Inception, XMFC...I think those are the only major fandoms I still write in? Anway, leave me your address, a pairing, and a (short) prompt.

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Dear Yuletide Author...

First of all, thank you so much for writing me a story and I'm sorry for taking so long to get this yuletide letter up. What I'm asking for below is mostly just guidelines, because at the end of it all, I want this story to be your own. If anything I'm asking for seems too difficult for you to have fun with, then please don't worry about it, and I will be happy about whatever you come up with.

1. Anno Dracula by Kim Newman
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2. Haven, Audrey/Nathan
Collapse )

3. Green Rider, Karigan/Zachary
Collapse )

4. Red (2010 movie)
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In my lj-posting laxity, I realize I don't really remember what's happened to me or when it happened. That or I'm suffering from extremely onset Dementia, which...considering things lately, is not beyond the realm of possibility.

1. Funny story - I have a job, running the back office of the bar I always get drunk in. How did I get this job? By being drunk and adorable. No really.

2. Pro-tip: Book clubs don't suck if you have your meetings at the only gig in town that makes 4 dollar frozen margaritas.

3. BBC Copper is starting to lose me. Collapse )

4. I have - in the past week - bought 4 different things in the shade of Oxblood. I try not to fall for color trends, I try not to fall for trends in general, although my roommate did have to talk me down from buying velvet leggings, a hard ledge to climb off of, (in Burgundy, as crazy oxblood lovers do), BUT BURGUNDY IS THE BESTEST. AND, it will still go with my hair when I decide I no longer want to be blonde (I'm not sure this will ever happen, but at least I will be prepared).

5. In more tv show news: I am watching Vegas for Jason O'Mara - my summation? Needs more Jason O'Mara. I still have to watch the pilot for Chicago Fire, which I am only watching because it looks like softcore porn.

6. The only way I'm fannish right now is imagining a happily ever after Ben/Sammy universe where they're raising Nate together, or dirty dirty Captain Stacy(Dennis Leary)/Peter Parker porn. I even like Gwen and still want disturbing porn. SIGH. Why must my brain make this so fucking difficult?
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Don't be late to the party, hardy!

So, I quit my job, actually got paid in a reasonable amount of time, and have time to work out, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, go to midnight showings of Batman, and see Amazing Spider-Man another fifty times. Shit is good. And you know what that means? Prompt party!

Pairings I will write this round: Travis/Wes, Brad/Nate, Micke/Grant, Stark/Alex, Teen Wolf (as long as it has Scott in the pairing, because, um yes I love Tyler Posey), Andrew Garfield!Peter Parker with like...anybody, Ben/Sammy, Charles/Erik, Snow White/Huntsman, Bruce/Dick, Ethan/Brandt (from MI4), aaaaand, if the prompt is good enough I will attempt Kaner/Tazer, but only because rosekay made me promise.

Micke/Grant, A Swingset for hypertwink
Close Call, Stand Tall Tag for pjvilar

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Whirlwind Update!

My attempts to be more current on this thing have completely failed. And I really hate bulleting things out, but alas, alack, that's kind of my life lately.

So, update number one, I'm working as a personal assistant again. It is challenging and crazy, and in between the murk of dropping off YSL wedding dresses and helping him choose $540 bespoke shoes, there is a legitimate job in here. Even if I'm getting paid dirt.

Next, went to a PBR event with drvsilla this weekend for her birthday up at the Mohegan Sun. That casino is legit crazy and filled to the brim with the Jersey Guido type, as even the announcers at the event saw fit to comment on. BUT, in spite of the complete and utter alienness of pretty much every aspect of the whole thing, I really enjoyed myself. Probably because I am shallowness incarnate and hot men were involved.

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Although my job has made progress a little slower than I would usually like, I have started working on the stories that people bid on me for. Sorry, it's been five months, but I want you to know, you've been at the back of my mind since December, I was just so caught up in applying to jobs and roommate drama it was a little difficult.

Which, on the same train of thought, I'm dwelling in a fandom nebulousness, because while I want to be really fannish and excited about Person of Interest, nobody else wants to be fannish with me. Nobody will play Dodgeball with me guys, I'll just have to hangout on the swings by myself! So, I don't know, any fic recs? A03 is failing me. I'll read pretty much anything, because there is a dirty polyamorous part of my heart that's open to all kinds of things.