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Let the chips fall where they may...

It seems to me that the ratio of "Lauren Emo-ing" posts to "Lauren telling you about her day" posts is quite heavily skewed in the favor of Emo-ing. This is no good. I do have good days. I swear.

Yesterday, I saw Justice Kennedy of the Supreme court speak. I don't even like his decisions for the most part and he was amazing--humorous and self-deprecating at the same time that he had some really poignant insights about the United States and the other courts of the world. He's also one of those people that you look at and think, "oh what a nice old man." In any event, I mostly liked what he had to say.

My dad took me to pizza afterwards and then I had to run off to work in the library. Oh to be paid again. It's lovely. After I got off work the evening was just filled with TV. Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy (I took a break and did homework), Dr. Who, and Nip/Tuck. It was very satisfying.

And that was it. Oh yeah, and then it started randomly freak pouring. Couldn't quite figure that out.
Tags: justice kennedy, library, pizza
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