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Two words: oh man

So Yale does something really stupid, which is that sophomore housing, not universally but at least in Saybrook, are six person suites. It was hard enough last year with four girls living together in a really cramped space, but the six people thing, whew! Six girls cannot coexist in perfect harmony. Not unless they don't talk to each other.

We just had the mother-load of suite fights, and I'm sure the girl who started it thought the rest of the suite was going to be on her side, because the person she was fighting, who happens to be my friend, was being pretty damn insane. And yet, instead we all hid out in the bathroom trying not to die of laughter.

Oh, I am a horrible person. But it's just too hilarious. Girl A's boyfriend couldn't come, so she decided to give him ginger ale and alcohol, because clearly that helps with ejaculation, unfortunately, she took Girl B's gin without asking, and they were already on shaky ground. Girl B gets back at like three in the morning, drunk off her ass, and starts shouting for her to give the gin back, and then Girl A comes out and is like "Oh my god, he's sick! What was I supposed to do?" and then slams the door in Girl B's face.

Girl B is beyond angry. She comes back into the common room, still shouting and says, "If your boyfriend can't come, the alcohol isn't going to help, CLEARLY SHE SHOULD TAKE CARE OF IT!"

We're all rolling on the floor at this point (very helpful, I know), Girl B looks at us, and then says "Don't tell her I said that."

Yeah, like she couldn't hear you.
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