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Art Post: I wasn't kidding about rentboys

I drew this last night when I couldn't sleep. And for some reason it turned out better than anything I'd attempted in a long time. Apparently when I'm half dead from exhaustion I draw best. See both Winchester Cowboy pictures, I did those entirely lucid and they're HORRIFYING!

But now, I offer you 1920s!Jensen and Rentboy!Jared, the notion of Rentboy!Sam and Gatsby!Dean was too ridiculous to countenance!

Keeping up the trend, Jensen's face was ONCE again diffcult. It still doesn't really look like him. I don't know how, all the separate features match up, but when they're taken altogether, WELL, IT'S NOT THE ACKLES I'M STARING AT! Sigh.

Also, I'm really pleased with shading on Sam's back. That's usually how I draw shadows, but the last couple of times I drew I was kind of experimenting with other styles, and I realize I like the way I do it just fine.

So yeah, um, do you like it?
Tags: art, j2, jared/jensen
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