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It's National Coming Out Day, Yo!

Nothing interesting really happens to me. But it is national coming out day, so all of you should go and come out. As Gabe said today when he shoved his way through the big pink door we set up on Beinecke plaza, "It's time to admit to being straight!"

You may be like Spud (a really unfortunate name for a Lesbian, I'm sorry, but what was she thinking when she adopted that nick-name?), and decide to virulently hate this day (cheers, she won't explain why) and then you don't have to come out as anything except as a coming-out day hater!

Also, in honor of this day, I will be taking drawing requests. The first five people (if I ask for the first ten, I'm sure I'll be spited and only two of you will ask for anything and won't that be embarrassing) who post will get art for anything they ask for within the SPN umbrella (Or BDS, or Sky High, or Firefly, possibly even Ugly Betty). Not, of course, anything with Chris Kane. I'm sorry if I'm insulting any of you Kane lovers, but NO. Call it an irrational hatred. Or look what I did to him in my "But I'm a Cheerleader" fic, but The Kane and I? We are not friends!

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