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There's a darkside to everything too...

Dear English 120 students,
I hate you. You point grub, you think there's too much homework, and you suck at writing. Not to mention, EVERY SINGLE WEEK I AM FORCED TO READ YOUR CRAP-ASS ESSAYS AND SAY SOMETHING NICE ABOUT THEM.

Even when you say things like "clientele droubt" and talk about the dining hall staffs' "incongrous interests" when they're found reading Scientific journals. BECAUSE OF COURSE NOBODY WANTS TO BETTER THEMSELVES BUT YOU.

My favorite conversation:

"Why is nobody from Vietnam listed on the walls of Memorial Hall"
"Duh, it's Yale!"

Not only do you seem to be unaware of the history of the Vietnam War, it seems you also have trouble understanding the draft and the process of college deferments.

And when assholes start adopting condescending tones in their essays and you justify it as saying "this is what a Yale student would sound like" it makes me want to go shoot myself. IF THAT'S WHAT A YALE STUDENT SOUNDS LIKE THEN I'M DONE.

I shall pack up my bags, set up a commune for non-pretentious assholes and make daisy chains all day, while reading literature by people who actually know how to string two sentences together.

But that's not the worst of it, you don't get my Top Gun references. What is wrong with you?

Please to be walking in front of a speeding car, right now.

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