the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

Fireman's Carnival was a bust

[ mood | grumpy ]
[ music | Higher love-Steve Winwood ]

Well actually it could've been great, but you know, when nobody is willing to go on the rides with you because they're afraid it kinda sucks. Oh well. I saw Sinbad (the animated version) that was uh . . .interesting. Yeah that's the word. I now understand why it is exactly so many people slash Sinbad and Proteus (that always creeped me out because it's children's movie), but considering all the sexual jokes--"Pickles and eggs!" I can no longer claim to surprised.

So I was on the Queer as Folk website, where apparently Brian has proposed to Justin. Blech, well I always knew nothing Brian/Mikey related would happen BUT STILL. I'm now eating lots of Ghiradelli chocolate with mint filling to cheer myself up. It's very good.

Also thought this was a good way to be cheered up . . .

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