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I rather like this semi-psychotic style I'm developing

I woke up in time for Japanese today, and I didn't trip over my cable. Or step on my laptop. On the other hand I think I might have broken my foot. Well not broke it, that just sounds better than I might have severely swelled my foot up and turned it black and blue. Ow.

I love days like today, where it's warm and balmy and windy and you're walking and leaves suddenly flutter around you. Or the way the night feels. I want to go leaf kicking (with my broken foot). Who's up for it?

Nip/Tuck realization: I NEED TO OWN ALL FOUR SEASONS NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW. I forgot just how much I love this show. Even though I'm probably going to fail my Strat/Tech/War midterm, I don't care.

Now I'm going to do something sitting on the hammock outside.
Tags: nip/tuck, ouchies, weather
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