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My Morrocan Sheets are mine again

I just washed the fuckhead off my sheets. Can't do anything about the blanket. I'm no longer smelling him anywhere and everywhere and freaking out. Ben said it would help and then he gave me a peachtree and vodka whatever.

Jens Lekhman and New York and memphis86 and cerberos were amazing. So were Wine Coolers and hot chocolate by bald dudes and comic book stores. I wish I'd had the energy to enjoy it. But ever since the whole thing with fuckhead (as he shall henceforth be named) I've been having a hard time.

If you went through what I went through, my best advice to you is to talk to people, go to a lot of dance parties, and change your hair. That's what I always do.

Tags: jens lekhman, new york
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