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Yay prizes!!!

Yay breakfast in hell this morning. I ran into Austin and he's horrible. He refuses to participate in any of the LGBT Co-Op's events because he hates gays here, "they're too gay" and he's a "horrible fag" so I should just leave him alone.

He's annoying for a whole bunch of other reasons, but really, here's my question, is what he said acceptable? Do I have a right to be angry at him, or should I just give up and chase after some other apathetic queer people who don't have barbed wire claws?

And a question for you. We all write about slash, so I'm expecting some good answers from you. I know what I consider stereotypically gay behavior, I'm surrounded by several boys who fit the mold perfectly, but what do you guys see as stereotypical? And what does it mean for straight boys who have those characteristics?
Tags: questions about life
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