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I'm so playing that "gimme whatever I want card" until it rips

Plastic surgeons visit yesterday. Anyway, the Head of Yale Plastic surgery is now my doctor. Yes yes, you can say those McNamara/Troy jokes now. Y'all better laugh, they call scar removal "revisions." I thought that was pretty hilarious, they're going to REVISE my face.

And today they revise my teeth. Or well, take a look and see how they can fix them.

On a different note, in celebration of the 36 stitches I have in my face, especially because I'm getting them taken out tomorrow by the hottest freakin' doctor on the planet (WHY DO I MEET HIM WHEN I LOOK LIKE ROAD KILL? My luck, really) I decided to hold a leetle challenge thingy.

I want an orgasm for every stitch!

Heh, I really like that sentence. Let me elaborate. What I mean is, I want a piece of porn for every stitch, can be for any fandom I read, just hit me up, babies. Rec 'em, write 'em, h/c or crack or angst or schmoop or chanderlier-swinging sex, I don't care. There's got to be something for me to look forward to other than the swelling going down in my face. Anyway, that's 36 pieces of porny goodness, people (count 'em)
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