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Lauren, what the hell is going on...?

I just... I'm so confused. I fuck my face up (er, let me rephrase, my face gets fucked up), and in walks motherfucking Ned from New Orleans. Then he walks out again, with my heart balled up in his palms.

Like, he knows all the words to "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and he still likes girls. He has me order his alcohol for him because he doesn't know what to drink. He swing dances with me to Beyonce and he hugs me and fights with me over the bill. And most of all, he's a history geek who doesn't think my penchant for action movie watching rather than participating in life is a bad thing.

I predict this is going to go straight to hell in the next twenty-four hours and I will then hate him forever. But dear god. I want on him so badly.
Tags: er...i am crazy-cakes
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