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That REALLY is too much!

Got the bill from Brigham and Women's because they're retarded and didn't send it to my insurance. I'm not sure how they tracked me down, but I can tell you, I'm covered by two different health plans that I TOLD them about, so it was definitely wasted effort on their part.

In any event, the total cost of all that (which, heavens to Betsy, Thank God, I am not paying) was $11,000. That's more than what I sold my car for! I mean hello? What cost that much? A hundred dollars for every stitch they put in my face with like...white gold and emerald studded thread? I mean, I was hanging out in the hospital for five hours WITHOUT any good drugs and all they did was put my face back together. And that took the plastic surgeon thirty minutes, while I listened to him quote Borat with his colleague.

So this unnearths a greater problem than not having health insurance. What the fuck are they doing that's worth that much money? I'll tell you, NOTHING. It's not like what they're doing is so freakin' difficult or like there's any shortage of surgeons running around, considering the exorbitant amount of money they make. John Bergman, who is a douche, said that what people are willing to pay is a valid way of determining how much a good or service is worth. Well, okay fine, because my parents have insurance, and for some crazy reason my insurance is willing to pay that much to get my face fixed, people who have don't have health insurance or have shitty health plans get fucked.

And how does John sleep at night? Very fucking well. I think people who are screwing other people over just might sleep better than the rest of us who actually have social consciences. ACK! Why!
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