the reluctant lobotomist (fourfreedoms) wrote,
the reluctant lobotomist

It's almost over . . .

[ mood | useless ]
[ music | Make me Smile-Steve Harley ]

I'm almost back home, just off to Chicago next and then I'll be home. THANK THE LORD THAT I DON'T BELIEVE IN. I'll finally be able to wear my new shoes, which arrived two days after I left. Just my luck. What has been happening to me lately? Well nothing, I finally put up the canopy in my bedroom and a bunch of other room fixtures. So at least my room at my dad's house doesn't look quite so pathetic. It was difficult work, for some idiotic reason they reinforced the ceiling with metal chicken wire crap . . . so in order to get any of the toggle bolts through I had to take a flathead screw driver and hammer and hammer them out. Also, lots of plaster dust is now on my floor.

Now all I need is to find that box of stuff my dad said he packed for me. So where is it? Major writing and painting spree when I get back to dad's. I need to finish all of that so I can send it off to Colleen. At least this summer was marginally better than the last. My dad and I haven't gotten into any fights, and we got into at least 15 last summer. Granted I was also spending more time with him and I was with him for longer. And my grandmother tells me I'm not spending enough time with him. God I hate her some times. She doesn't know ANYTHING, but then, she's better than my grandfather.

to whom it may concern . . .life seems rather pithy and meaningless at the moment, also stay away from Twisted Tea my friends, it's painful.

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It's amazing, I kinda agree with that, I think of myself as a tortured idealist, because I have so many dreams for the world, but I know how impractical they are.

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