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ART POST: So I'm this thing called a...what's the word again...DORK!

poninepontmercy asked for the Boys in the Victorian Era. You know, tophats and the like. But my period is actually the Regency. DUDE, TIGHT TROUSERS! BOOTS! MR. DARCY! Seriously, what more could one ask for? So I er, fudged it a little. Kaley, don't kill me, they have collar points and weskets on! It's amazing.

So, actually, nothing was really that difficult in this piece. I'm kind of amazed. Ordinarily I'm bitching at the paper and the pencil and the figures on the page for a good ten minutes, but this one just flowed out. Yay, REGENCY PERIOD CLOTHING.

I really want to go and write this crazy story where Sam was found in a handbag in Brighton and John took him on as a ward and then he dies and Dean runs the estate and Sam goes off to Uni because he's in love with Dean and Dean keeps fending him, but Dean needs Sam's help so he sends for him to come home and their are lots of balls and eventually Dean gives into the force that is Sam and then their is fucking. And lots of polished Hessian boots. And Bella trying desperately to win Dean over when the London Season starts, and Dean being like "Good heavens, no! I have an adoptive brother who gives quite spectacular blow jobs! Why on earth would I trouble myself with you?"

So I kind want to put the eras in one big post on like...Wincest or something. Do any of you support this? Or shall I hide my crazy eratic (AHAHAHAH, VERY POOR PUN) art!
Tags: art, regency!period, sam/dean, the religion of wincest, wincest
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