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Pictures, Pictures, Pictures EVERYWHERE

A while ago I asked if you guys wanted pictures of the semi-formal. Well, a bunch got taken and I don't know where they are. But...I don't know, to reassure you that my scarring isn't so bad that I look like...a very badly scarred thing, I have decided to put these up.

This picture you guys might remember because I posted earlier in the summer. This is what I looked like before the accident.

See? I'm not so bad. This picture doesn't really demonstrate the extent of the damage, but you can clealy see how my nose looks. Thankfully that is not going to scar, the line across my cheek will.

I just thought this picture was kind of awesome.

Hee, I love this outfit

Me and whimsicalwonder, that line that you can see on my cheek is the scar not the line of my cheek, I guess it's good that they're difficult to separate.

So I'm warning you, if you people don't really like blood or stitches (especially in the face) I would NOT scroll down. It's not horrific, but it is a photo of what I looked like the day after I got out of the hospital (so that you can tell that I look MUCH MUCH MUCH better)...

So yeah, that's me.
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