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In honor of turkey day

I'm thankful to be alive, you know? I'm thankful that I still have my right eye, because it was a near miss. But that's kind of depressing, so lets talk about other stuff.

I'm thankful for Honest Tea, and the Transformers Soundtrack, and cerberos's gold shoes. I'm thankful for flannel sheets and the fact that I call Northern California home. I'm thankful for my awesome graphite sticks which I do all my art with. I'm thankful for my new brushed steel ipod and the way I can watch Ugly Betty on it. I'm thankful for comics and comments and good food. And vanilla scented candles and the way Month Python or Jumpin' Jack Flash never stops making me laugh.

But most of all, thank god, for you guys. Without which, I'd surely go insane.

ETA: I'm even thankful when Erica (ericaplease) drinks my lemonade!
Tags: thanksgiving
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