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You're Unbelievable

I'm due back to the plastic surgeons until March. There is nothing they can do for me until then. Let me just get that out into the open. I think those two sentences don't really leave any gray area. They simply mean WAIT UNTIL FUCKING MARCH. So my dad is barely back from Switzerland for twelve hours and he's calling me up and saying "Let's have a doctor's appointment while I'm there to make sure nothing gets missed."

I'm like *facepalm* "Dad, you don't think I know how to be responsible about my face?" He assures me that's not what he's saying. But, we'd better have that doctors' appointment anyway. My poor plastic surgeon. So I throw up my hands and say fine, BUT ONLY IF IT'S TOMORROW OR FRIDAY BEFORE 1 PM.

He calls me up and says "I have an appointment for Monday at 9:45!" and I tell him, "Hey now, wait a minute, that's during my Japanese final, no can do!"

And you won't believe the gall of him. He tells me to take my final later! Well I can't take it later, if I ask to take it later (after I told my dean I wouldn't have anymore appointments until March) they will give me a postponement and I can take it NEXT semester. I'm sorry, but no, not after I've worked so damn hard to get fucking caught up in this class! He says, "Oh nonononono, I will get them to let you take it an hour later."

Really? You will? Because that actually violates the University Code of Conduct. SO MAYBE YOU SHOULD JUST GIVE UP ON THE UNNECESSARY DOCTORS APPOINTMENT AND LET ME TAKE MY GODDAMN FINAL. Ugh.

And now for something completely different, did anyone notice how the footage at the beginning of Hitman is from Dark Angel? I was freaking out in the theater when I saw it.
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