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Take that, mommy!

First and foremost, thanks to mickeym for the virtual gift. I'm touched that you would give a Scrooge like me a cookie! Anyway, the next installment in Lauren's Holiday Adventure Saga went as follows: my mother and I had been shopping for the whole day in Mountain View, first Cost Plus, then Global Beads, then Books Inc., then Book Buyers, then Shady Lane, than Borders (is anybody noticing a theme here), and we decided to top it off by seeing Juno at 6 PM.

Well this is all fine and dandy, she brings up my summer plans and I tell her I want to go to London, and she says she knows and that's awesome. So we're discussing and I warn her that if I do an internship with the BBC like I'm applying for, it will be very very expensive. Oho, well that changes things a little, but mostly she doesn't say anything.

She then asks me if I'm going to do something in LA, and I say, well, maybe. I've looked in a few places and it's not what I want. Suddenly she's incredibly angry, and going off on how I always have to choose the "most expensive option" and how she's tired of hearing about how "I want to have cool experiences" or whatnot, and then I tell her about Ned's crazy summer where he went to Valencia, didn't speak any Spanish, and painted fiber glass windows for a Cathedral all summer long. Like hello, he's a history major with an emphasis in American frontier, he just decided to go off and do something.

I tell her I'm not sure I want to go to the movie now, but she buys both tickets and we go into the theater and she won't talk to me AT ALL, so I shrug my shoulders and pick a seat and say fuck it. This girl and her mother sit down behind us.

"So you should do this program in Hampstead and then you'll end up in London."
"I don't want to go to London!"
"Why not? It's a great plan for the summer!"
"I don't want to! All I want is one fun summer!"
"So then go to Chicago and study at the Art Institute!"

So this girl's mother wants to send her to London, mine wants to send me to god knows where, um, can we trade?
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