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This is my letter to the world...probably not as depressing as Emily Dickinson's

Now if only I had anything interesting to say. I suppose I could go on some logarrheatic (new word) tangent and wax lyrical for ten years about how awesome this couch is.

That however, is not the purpose of this post. For some reason you people have decided that I'm really popular (let's not fool ourselves, I probably friended you first, but ANYWAY, for the sake of pretending I am cooler than I am...), so I don't know, CAN WE GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER BETTER? Because it's Christmas, and my cat is staring at me like I'm crazy ALREADY, I might as well go on a logarrheatic tangent about MYSELF.

Ur. Now what? Um, I'm 19, just days away from 20 actually. I'm kind of frightened of it, because I'm not really ready to be out of my teens yet. There were so many things I thought I'd do before I turned 20, and lo and behold, I HAVE DONE NONE OF IT. This is quite daunting.

I have quite an extended family. Two wives and two twins. No we are not triplets, because my twins have no relation to each other. One of my wives occasionally pretends we are siblings too. This is alarming. The only siblings who should be married and or fucking rhyme with Ma'am and Bean.

I'm a gellis fucking bitch. Can I just put that out there? I will be exactly like Draco in that "Draco doesn't like the way Ginny is looking at Harry" icon that went around like ten years ago about YOU.

I really do think I'm amazing. This occasionally causes problems, because I can't understand why the rest of the world doesn't think I'm amazing at all!

I like flowers a whole lot. I wrote an entire story about Dean having flower powers, mostly because ericaplease made me, but partly also because I'm a horrible show off, and I know a lot about flowers, and I wished you to know how much I knew.

I spend far too much time watching movies. Really. I have a blockbuster account and netflix, and like 150 DVDs. And I have a really hard time controlling how much money there is in my bank account as a result. This may partly be due to the fact that I also love ABP and their Arizon Chicken Sandwiches more than is strictly lawful.

I look horrible with long hair. I am not fishing for compliments. I really do. I have really nice hair, and I think, a reasonable face (still not fishing), but for some reason, long hair and my head? It no look so good.

I really like men's clothing. On me. The only time I have ever wished to be a guy was so that I could wear suits. If I had Jared Padalecki's body I would rock that so hard, jesus. It makes me sad to see what outfits he turns up in sometimes! HE HAS SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

Er...I like girls? No seriously. There's a reason why I'm always bitching about the LGBT Co-op in here. I'm on the board of it. And like, it's the biggest fucking heartache ever. But I love it. I'm currently organizing a Sailor Moon themed dance next semester. Not freakin' kidding. If for some reason you find yourself in the shithole that is New Haven, you must come.

I used to be a really jocky kid. That began to end when I started getting boobs. But I played basketball, soccer, tennis, and swimming, and I used to go to sports camp all summer long. Suffice it to say, I'm now really sick and tired of root beer popsicles.

I love AUs. Yes, I wrote the one where they were Macedonian Warriors. And the one where they were Caponesque gangsters in Chicago. I'm currently writing the one where they're Napoleonic Era nobility, and Dean is Wellington's chief of staff and a total bastard. And I was writing a Hacker's AU but then I got struck by a momentary bout of retardation and saved over 40 pages of writing. I think this may be one of the most painful moments of my life.

I'm kind of a massive dork and find it terribly amusing to play history trivia. Who is your favorite Roman figure? MARCUS LEPIDUS. All the way. I have a certain sort of affinity for people who live just to plague other people as Lepidus did. My twin makes me look really stupid about Greek people though. So I'm not even going to go there.

I love sparkly things. For my 18th birthday, when sequins were the winter thing, all I got were sequin belts and shoes and shrugs and shoe laces. I also really like being covered in glitter. That awkward time in middle school when glitter sticks were all the rage? Might actually have been one of the best times of my life. I probably spent that time so caked in glitter you couldn't see my face.

I'm kind of misanthropic. It has been brought to my attention that Gregory House and I might share several of the same characteristics. Unfortunately, always being right is not one of them.

I like tea. More than you do.

Is this going to get me in trouble? I don't like the book Twilight at all, and not just because Edward does something so foofy as sparkle when only I am allowed to do that. It's probably because everybody in that book seems to have blocks of wood for brains. And I still can't figure out why it is that Edward deeply cares for Bella. And Stephenie Meyer graduated from BYU, no offense, but this automatically rouses suspicion.

I also hate Led Zeppelin. I ended a relationship over it. Granted, this relationship was probably doomed to fail anyway, but it became quite clear when he played "In My Time of Dying" and started hopping around like it was the most fabulous thing ever, that our coupledom was doomed to an early demise.

My mom and I have a wire tree that is about two feet tall and covered in ridiculous ornaments. Neither of us is religious. On the tree we have an upside down pig, a pickle, a beer stein, a fat ballerina, a ghost with a pumpkin head, a backpack, the leaning tower of pisa, and a demented gold name a few.

I am deathly afraid of dogs. And doorbells. And I fainted in Japanese class once when my teacher scratched herself and started bleeding. I hit my head on the desk so hard, I woke up again.

I really want to be famous. I don't know what for yet. Not for holding up a liquor store and getting caught by the police with my underwear on my head, at any rate. </lj-user>

Now it's your turn!
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