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Art Post: Down at the Docks

balefully requested Hooker!Sam and Dean, and I was like HAHAHAHAHAH, I can't draw that. At all. But then I remembered this picture I had of a guy and a girl standing against a ladder and she's wearing nothing but a sweater and contorted into the weirdest come-fuck-me pose, and I was like, AHAH! I can do this. So, balefully, I hope you like it, because the only person I would do this for is you!

I think you guys should get points if you can figure out what pictures I used as source material for their faces! And also, Dean has really wimpy arms, and it's not even because he was based around the crazy girl in the sweater! cerberos can attest to the fact that Dean's upper body is almost completely different from crazy contorted person!

I can't get over it, everything about Sam was easy. His legs, his shoes (which I cropped out), even his face, which I swear I looked at a goddamn picture of Jared to do, and it STILL looks like an elfin version of Justin Long! But anyway, Dean, okay, Dean was a bitch, an absolute bitch the entire way through. I had to start this drawing over twice to get him right. And his arms were just refusing to cooperate the entire way through, and then it was his face, and his shoulder, and GARG. Why can't you just live to make me happy?
Tags: art, hooker!samanddean
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