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Homg! I have the bestet best friend!

Flo totally finished off my Wes Anderson collection, as well as got me But I'm A Cheerleader, Frequency, SPN Season 2, and SGA season 1 (so all you people who claim it's excellent, I will find out for sure). I suppose it's payback for the fact that she forgot my birthday last year. But DUDE, still!

I was so freakin' tired yesterday though, totally zombified. My ipod is broken again, and my mom hadn't cleaned the bathroom in ages so it was a task I took upon myself. The most physically taxing thing I have ever done, more than running liners and or doing Italian PK, was putting in the damn shower curtain liner. And THEN it was my night to cook. I added too much marjoram to the tomato sauce, so that was an adventure.

My mom felt so bad about making me cook that she decided to take me to the movies, where she promptly told me I was in need of therapy. Ugh. I'm going to Norway or Spain or somewhere awesome next Christmas, and I'm going to do it without her!
Tags: i am legend, presents
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