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The Good, The Bad, and damn it, soon I'll be twenty.

Good grief! The year's gone and started ending on me. I was hoping to have this damn fic done before my birthday, but I can already see that's not going to happen. It's all because it's shameless porn, and I can't really write that without lots of struggle on my part. Oops.

Let me treat you to the year in recap!

-this was a crazy fuckin' good year for movies! Hot Fuzz! Grind House! 300! I was so excited this summer with Transformers, Die Hard 4, Stardust, F42, and on and on. It just didn't quit with the summer either. I'm like collapsing under the weight of all these movies I want to see in the theaters.
-ericaplease and I met in person! And she's one of my best friends now! Amazing! She makes me laugh, and she knows when I don't want to be comforted, which is inexplicably always. And she knows how to not take things seriously
-Holee Shi-it, I got so much writing done. It ain't even funny. I guess I'll have to do a fic roundup at some point. I'm always worried about those sorts of things though, because I'm sure you guys don't care, so...hmm, maybe I won't.
-I had a fandom sleepover with miss_begonia, finn21, overnighter, and ericaplease and we were amazink! There were hijinks and mayoral porn! And later, dumplings and more porn!
-I freakin' read memphis86's crazy stories, and somehow, managed to convince her that I was awesome, and that we were twins.
-I saw Jens Lekman and Spoon in concert, both with Meredith! Hells yes, baby!
-Meredith spent a week with me in California, where among other things we lit sandle-shaped candles, watched Stomp The Yard, toasted strawberry flavored marshmellows, shopped so much my wallet STILL hasn't recovered, and parked bumper to bumper with another car. Well I suppose that last one is on me.
-Misha and I both decided to take Close Analysis of Film. Thus a beautiful friendship was born out of mutual misanthropy!
-maypirate held a bds fandom friending meme! And I thought she was awesome, so I friended her! And somewhere on down the line, we've met up, and exchanged music, and photos and DVDs (er...this bit was pretty onesided), and I feel like I can never repay her for how kind she's been.
-I started drawing again, guys! After the whole AP studio art debacle, I wasn't sure I ever would again!
-I got up the courage to IM notthequiettype! Thank god for that! And even if I don't see her over the break, I probably, most likely, if my mother has her way, unless everything fails completely, will be in LA for the summer.
-I started losing weight again.
-I became roommates with Farrah and Carolyn (who admittedly drives me nuts quite frequently, but who I nevertheless enjoy very much having around).
-I got hellza involved with the co-op, which is now like my LIFE!
-Sliding across the women's table!
-And don't forget all the new shows I started watching! Dr. Who, WaT, Ugly Betty--the list goes on!

But not everthing is wonderful always; thus...

The Bad
-two consecutive Cs in Japanese
-that taxi cab accident I was in
-um, pretty much every single experience I've had with boys this semester. From Ben to Ned. Dearest Max, despite the fact that you are wired strangely, and you stress me out alot, I actually am glad to have met you.
-um, getting drunk and being maudlin a lot, because I can't deal with the aftermath of the car accident
-my dad's side of the family falling completely apart, to the point where I refused to spend Christmas with them, then my father did, and then my cousin Julia did.
-babysitting for the Ayres'! The father just authored the book Super Crunchers, so if you see it, don't buy it, because he's a jerk, who is attempting to copy Freakanomics. Steve Levitt, the write of Freakanomics, who I happen to know, is awesome. BUY HIS BOOK INSTEAD.
-not being able to manage my money at all
-I saved over 30/40 something pages of SPN hackers AU. That I'd spent a ton of time researching and planning out.

Mostly, Dudes? This was a pretty good year!

The Yuletide Recs
An Arrangement of Superstitions
Fandom: Dogma
-So like, Loki and Bartleby rubbing themselves off on each other with a side of the Metatron being snarky? Totally awesome! Especially if you have a wing kink!

Attitude Adjustment
Fandom: Top Gun, Ice/Mav
-memphis86 has been getting on me to write Sam/Dean Top Gun AU, BUAHAHAHAH. But we disagree on who would be Ice and who would be Mav (obviously Dean is Mav). But anyway, if you don't want to wait and you want some Ice and Mav action before that story comes out, which will probably be AFTER my Hackers fic gets rewritten (read: an eternity from now), READ THIS. Because it's totally hot and Ice is awesome. Of course.

Fandom: The Covenant
-I will be the first to tell you that this was a shitty ass movie that was only barely watchable because all the damn actors were so FUCKING hot. It was painful, yo. I'm still smarting over it. BUT this gen fic takes this movie and makes it into something thats worth something--truly a feat!

Courting The Enemy
Fandom: Chronicles of Riddick, Vaako/Riddick
-BUAHAHAHAH, I never would have thought of this. In like a million years. But the entire thing, which includes dubious consent that becomes consent, is made worth it by the last paragraph.

Film studies
Fandom: Hot Fuzz, Nick/Danny
-This was PERFECT in the wake of the movie. Humerous and cute and self-deprecating and Danny's voice is so delightful. I'm a huge fan of first time in any setting, and while this didn't really actually include the "first time" the lead-up was excellent! WOOHOO!

How Enos Finally Caught His Daisy
Fandom: Live Free or Die Hard, John/Matt
-This story is so cute, Matt is such a dork for John, and they have to stumble around for awhile before they finally figure out how they fit!

Just That Simple Thing
Fandom: Live Free Or Die Hard, John/Matt
-How John and Matt get together, as facillitated by Lucy. Dear Matt, clearly John just needed you to come around so that bad shit would stop happening around him.

Study Break
Fandom: Latter Days
-How to ruin math for fangirls forever? Write porn involving Aaron and Christian and algebra quizzes!

The Houston Job, Forty-Eight Minutes Earlier
Fandom: Ocean's 11, Rusty/Linus
-Linus and Rusty trapped in an elevator. If you still can after the Latter Days fic, YOU DO THE MATH!

The Policeman Officer's Seduction
Fandom: Hot Fuzz, Danny/Nick
-This gets sheer points from it's title alone. And also because of knee gropage!

If I think of more, I'll put them up here!

I'll be back with my projects for 2008, love you all!
Tags: chronicles of riddick, dogma, fic, hot fuzz, latter days, live free or die hard, recs, the covenant, top gun, year in review
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