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Er, I a terrible person? No, no, let's back it up a bit! My mom blew up my freakin' power source last night. I am not kidding. She's bought me a new one, and she expedited the shipping, so it'll be here on Monday. But ohmyfucking god has that put a cramp in my style. I want so bad to say thank you for all your birthday wishes, but I can barely check my flist on this fucking computer! And I was supposed to have fic finished last night, but GARG. No. So, er, I apologize/love all of you! Seriously!

However, there is always material therapy (especially in the company of Erica, Colleen, and Flo. I am now the proud owner of two new pairs of jeans, a vintage air force officer jacket, a new David Bowie shirt...that is exactly like my old one, and a ridiculous shirt that I never thought would look good on me ever. Seriously. I would bone myself in that shirt. Not to mention the earrings that Erica gave me. They match my jacket. I'm really excited to wear that jacket with pretty sequins and those earrings!

Anyway, thank you memphis86, miss_begonia, and wendy for the virtual gifts. Freakin' hell, girls! I don't even deserve it. Same goes to all of you that took the time to wish me happy birthday!
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