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There's a joke in there somewhere...

I'm one of the 1.2 Million people who have lost power in the Bay Area. Unfortunately my Quadrant has only a hundred people in it, so they're slated to fix it sometime never. By 8 PM tonight it'll be 48 hours without power. It's really awful, because everybody across the street has power, and we have to look at it!

I've managed to escape to Mitchell Park Library, although I nearly got killed on 280, attempting to get here. Lightning struck a tree right next to the highway and a car fishtailed off the road. Thank god we were all going thirty miles an hour, otherwise that would've been the end of us.

I just want it to be over soon--down with the cold pizza and the foul smelling evergreen scented candle. I can't even describe it, but it certainly doesn't smell like Christmas tree as it was lauded. On the plus side, I have a power source, just nothing to charge my computer with.
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