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Art Post: It's all right, I forgive you if you kill me

I've done some pretty cracked out shit in my lifetime. Re: But I'm a Cheerleader!J2, and Jensen's lasso penis a few months back! However, I think this might just take the cake. It's not completely my fault, and it's also to make notthequiettype feel less neurotic in the wake of my own crazy!

fourfreedoms: Dean as Sailor Moon or Dean as Tuxedo Mask?
notthequiettype: hahahaha
notthequiettype: i think i actually have to go with sailor moon
fourfreedoms: not just for the sake or irony?
notthequiettype: i really can't see him in a tux voluntarily
fourfreedoms: well that's a good reason
fourfreedoms: Dean as the moon princess
fourfreedoms: OHMYGOD
fourfreedoms: I must draw this
notthequiettype: omg hahaha YES YOU MUST
fourfreedoms: Sam as Prince Endymion
notthequiettype: delightful
fourfreedoms: but who would the four sailor scouts be?
fourfreedoms: as Sailor Mercury
fourfreedoms: ASH
fourfreedoms: Hendrickson, SAILOR MARS
fourfreedoms: poor Dean is a retarded blond
fourfreedoms: with meatballs for brains
fourfreedoms: ohmygod...Cassie is Prince Diamond

So for clarification, the Impala is Luna. And for extra special wonderfulness, I HAVE POWER BACK. THANK GOD IN HEAVEN. ericaplease tells me that half of Davis is still out though, so she can't go grocery shopping. SUCKY!
Tags: art, crack, sailor moon, sam/dean
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