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I envision me and a bridge, possibly some arsenic, in my future

Finalized all my courses. I already know I'm going to regret it. I mean, they're all courses I wanted to take, but EEEEEEEEEEEK, all the same! Modes of production has a two hour workshop on Fridays.

For some insane reason, Film Theory is a requirement for my major so now I have to go and read every single boring film theorist on the planet, who always want to make up their own words to describe whatever-the-fuck they're talking about. The course explicitly states:

"This is not about doing your own analysis, but about learning about the analysis of others." I have 8 film theorists on my book shelf now, and a hugeass course packet to prove it. Won't this be fun. Of course it's the only course I'm taking that isn't for fun this semester.

And then I decided I wanted to take the Writing Intensive Version of Moral Foundations of Politics. Which I don't need. I have two writing credits already, I'm so done. And I know later when I'm being forced to write about the machinations of the Eichmann trial that I will gravely regret it! (Also $300-something for text books in this class alone)

Dear Ex-Nazis,
You are so boring that the subtitle on this book about you is called "the banality of evil."
Yours Truly,

Don't even get me started on Language, Sex, and Gender--THEY WANT ME TO KEEP A FREAKIN' DIARY. *cries* But I love that class so much already, that I can forgive Laurence Horn for wanting a DIARY.

But I haven't finished, there is also Anthropology and the life History of Human Adaptibility. Another Sex and Gender course, I might add. The first text book I'm reading is Men and the inside flap says, WHY ARE MEN SO STUPID? I feel like this question can be answered in far less that 320 pages, but clearly Bribiescas does not agree.

So that is my course schedule, along with four discussion sections, and my job at the library. And my job at the co-op. Life is tough. I don't think any of my fic will get finished any time soon. *headdesk*
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