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art post: renaissance Winchesters!

I'm not a very good action artist at all, I tend to do very still poses when I'm drawing people. And nomelon asked for Sam and Dean!wall slamming. And of course I was like, EEEEEEEEK! I can't do that! So I decided to go back and do another Winchesters through out the eras for her!

So this one is based around a Rubens self-portrait. I think the hands came out very well, but that blasted scarfy thingy they had wrapped around them, makes Dean look like he's wearing a dress! I swear he isn't! If you look closely you can see those balloony-britches type-thingies! And trust me when I say I made Dean's hat look far more manageable.

I can just imagine seeing this up in some ancestral mansion, and you have guests and you walk by the portrait and it's like, "Ah yes, the second earl and his brother. Those two were a little...funny."

But anyway, nomelon, I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!
Tags: art, renaissance, sam/dean, winchester!eras
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