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I'll be livin' on the edge from here 'til November

I had some time between my anthro section and my film theory class, so I hied on over the polling station. The Hillary Fanclub was out in full force, but it was raining so hard that they were using their banners and signs as a little awning. I felt like going over and offering my umbrella.

Everyday I'm more and more inspired for this political porn stuff. The Kerry campaign office in Palo Alto had two sides, the sign-making side and the phone-banking side. The sign-making side was often left empty, because there are only so many signs that you can put together (A PAINFUL UNDERTAKING LET ME ASSURE YOU), and I'm just imagining all of these Jensen ackles signs spread out over the floor and Jared fucking Jensen right on top of them! Brilliant!

Sigh, I really should be thinking about soviet film-makers.
Tags: political porn, vote 2008
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