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All of you Dark Angel fans, do you remember Charles H. Eglee? The other series creator of Dark Angel? He's lecturing to my modes of production class! Like right now! I'm actually not reading porn in the class, for once. All I want to do is pepper him with questions like WHERE DID YOU ANTICIPATE DARK ANGEL GOING? WHAT HAPPENED TO LYDECKER? And also, what was Jensen Ackles like on set?

ETA: He's talking about working on The Shield and he's like, "When the shield wants drug addicts, they get drug addicts, none of this casting drug addicts."

ETA2: OHMYGOD! Dark Angel was cancelled, according to him, because the head of the Network thought it was too black and not because of ratings! He wanted Max and Alec to get together, which was not Eglee's or Cameron's intent, and he wanted it to be a MoTW show like Buffy!


ETA3: This seems to be a source of confusion, so, to clarify, by black Eglee meant African-American. Yes, the network exec really was that heinous.
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