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You missed me, I will brook no argument

We're pretending it's Friday for the sake of this post. What have I been up to? Listening to lots of pop music, writing my weight in papers, going to the movies alot, faking an allergy to citrus to get out of discussion section (it was the only thing that came into my head), got my hair cut, applied to five bazillion internships in LA, and duked it out with the health insurance industry.

They won, but only after they unleashed high power explosives, a dragon, and distracted me with the DVD of The Darwin Awards.

So the first week was insane, I was writing tons of papers, and taking midterms, and basically subsisting off of easymac and tomato soup. A lot of really bad things happened that week, up to and including me getting drunk and high at AEPi house, and quite literally having a psychotic break. Kind of hilarious, because I was dressed as Amy Winehouse for a party.

New decision: the only highly illegal substance Lauren is allowed is wincest porn.

So of course, what do I do? I cut my hair.

That was me on a rainy day pre-supercuts.

And this is me after my hair stylist David bitched me out and refused to let me cut my hair the way I wanted. Which amazingly turned into a good haircut.

AGH, I'm so freakin' pale. I'm ashamed to call myself a Californian.

But after the hair, and the withdrawal, and the 56 I recieved on my anthro midterm, things started to go my way again. My boss is obsessed with Firefly and sends me trivia e-mails. You probably all knew this, but Jubal Early was a civil war general, and Craig tracked down all of his books (hey, we work in a library), and was sending me quotes. I'm trying to get him to watch SGA right now, he's resisting mightily.

I wrapped up my first film, titled "The Inexorable March of the Clutzy Librarian" and started filming a mockumentary of Romance Novels. We managed to get my TA to read the dirty bits aloud in a bookstore on film. Then we got kicked out. I think it might actually been because of uproarious laughter.

I got cornered by the evil boy of the drunken escapades earlier in the semester. I think I might have broken half the dining hall furniture in my quest to escape. It was too ridiculously perfect, because I was just telling Carolyn about how I was turning to girls forever and always (Channing Tatum counts), and he walked right up.

While all of this was going on, I spent all my time listening to crap pop music. And I, like a horrible drug pusher, am now going to thrust some of it at you. Judge me as you will.

See You Again - Miley Cyrus
All right, before you start pelting cannon balls at me, I DARE YOU to listen to it. And start jumping around. I love this song to pieces. This might have something to do with the fact that I had a dream that Jared and Jensen were running on treadmills and singing along to this as they ran, and honestly that image is just too precious. And this song is really energetic and jump around-y

Seventeen Forever - Metro Station
One hopes that guys will stop writing songs that have lyrics like this, but I will pretend it says something wonderfully profound like Rawlsian contract theory, or bananas, because it auditorily (I think I just made up a word) is is really good.

Untouched - The Veronicas
They wear such awesome clothing, how can you not listen to this band? *keels over* I actually really like The Veronicas (aside from Speechless and Mother Mother, because ACH, what the fuck was going on there?), and this song is also really energetic, and I like synthetic violins.

Cue me in my room bopping around to this music when writing about John Locke and euthanasia gets too heavy. I was partially boueyed up by the fact that I'd bought the Darwin Awards (more people should see this movie, if only for naked Joseph Fiennes) earlier in the day, and while they were running my credit card, THE BBC CALLED ME AND SET UP AN INTERVIEW. Not even Christian fundamentalists could get me down.

Although I will say, writing this damn paper has renewed my vigor against them. My mother asked why when I told her this, she figured that I hated them more because I was forced to look at the issue from their point of view more, BUT NO. If I was in a place with no Christian fundamentalists, I wouldn't have to write a really stupid paper about euthanasia, because it would be a freakin' non-issue. I swear, all of the topics for my Moral Foundations of Politics class could be in some way traced back to THE BUSH GOVERNMENT BEING INCREDIBLY STUPID. *headdesk*

But DARWIN AWARDS. JOSEPH FIENNES. BBC. Possibly vanilla coke.

Right, well, I have to go to work. And catch up on comments. And read fic. ACH, I haven't read SPN fic in three weeks, OMG.

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