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I'm the chairman of the bored

Do you ever sit there staring at an empty entry box wanting to chat and post and talk with people, but can't seem to find anything to say? I've been trying to catch up on all my lost sleep at once, and that's pretty much the most exciting thing that's happened to me.

But in my effort to change that, I'm doing a time stamp meme. Everything but "Stopped At The Crossroads" is up for grabs (because I'm already working on a kind of sequel to that). So if you ever wanted to know what Jared and Jensen did with their ballroom dancing skills, or what it was like for Jared to return to high school without being degayified, or how Dean amused himself with the shrubberies when he got bored, or if Sam, the newly integrated, gives really great head, or otherwise now's the time to ask.

Or you know, you can prompt me on more sketchy arty stuff. I haven't been possessed with an idea in...well whenever it was that I dressed Dean up as Isabella Brant. Any other eras I should look at? Egyptians? Geishas? Medieval knights?
Tags: art, fic, j2, prompt me, requests, sam/dean, time stamp meme
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