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Nothing To Be Upset About

All right, fuck this hiatus business, I'm clearly incapable of being serious about this. azephirin, you do not get to make fun of me. *pokes out tongue* Do I get to be upset that it's April 2nd and it's still 45 degrees? I find myself having uncontrollable urges to dive into the mud every time I walk past the new haven green.

I got up early yesterday for section only to spend my time spitting into a tube (saliva samples you know). It took me fifteen minutes to fill up a third of it. Ugh, so gross, the only thing that made it better was that the dining commons had bacon, and Mai made herself a BLT along with her pancakes.

There's this ridiculous freshman in my modes of production course called Jacob (pronounced, get this, YAH-cob) who said "What's wrong with doing things just because they look cool" and went off on this entire thing about Dada-ism, all I can say is Deschamps did not pry that urinal from the wall with the idea that it "looked cool."

I've been watching due South over again. Yesterday was the episode at the mall with the different points of view, the one that first made me pay attention to this show when I was like...god, 12? I just die every time the screen cuts to Fraser's face after Inspector Thatcher waxes poetic about Fraser's thighs.

Also, ericaplease, I saw F4 in the gym yesterday, and you know what that means? WRITE ME FIC! For chrissakes make it a bandom AU (this is truly the hallmark of how desperate I am), Ryan can be Sue, Brendon can be...Johnny?, John Walker can be Ben, and Spencer can be Reed. I think that Pete Wentz would make a great Dr. Doom, and if anybody can pull of those near-frightening blue contacts it's Ryan.

Next time on the cracked out life of Lauren Donohue, Film student...begging for CSS help.
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