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Ooh, tonight's going to be a late bedtime

I have to write a paper in support of affirmative action, another one on masturbation (yes, this is my college education), and finally a four page analysis of my own documentary (on romance novels, as it were).

The only way I keep my mind from exploding from the pressure is by pretending that Dean and Sam are political science professors at Harvard, and Dean's all "Fuck Kant, if you have to kill ten people to save 100, do it!" and Sam snuggles on the floor of his office with Theory of Justice. And then they totally masturbate to documentaries like Who Killed The Electric Car, and The Corporation. Sam can barely contain himself every time Noam Chomsky appears on the screen.

Thus I have done all the thinking I need for my three projects. My MoFoPo TA might be sitting there going, "I don't understand how this hypothetical about the gay incestuous professors proves your point about Affirmative Action. Are you saying that gay incestuous professors are needed to contribute diversity to a college campus?"

Yes, Brookes, I think we need our own set right now, or I'm calling this campus prejudiced.
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