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Ah the greatness of yes! minister

I have been watching that show a lot lately. I really can't help but love it, they're all so silly. Although, it really reminds me far more of my own government then of B. Parliament . . .

Sir Humphrey Appleby: If local authorities don't send us the statistics that we ask for, than government figures will be a nonsense.
James Hacker: Why?
Sir Humphrey Appleby: They will be incomplete.
James Hacker: But government figures are a nonsense anyway.
Bernard Woolley: I think Sir Humphrey want to ensure they are a complete nonsense.

[a very successful petition on electronic surveillance has just become politically damaging]
Bernard Woolley: Shall I file it?
James Hacker: File it? Shred it!
Bernard Woolley: Shred it?
James Hacker: Nobody must ever be able to find it again.
Bernard Woolley: In that case, Minister, I think it's best I file it.

To whom it may concern . . .I should finish my homework . . .
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