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Let's Hear It For The Dork

Yesterday, I made a happy-making purchase, which is funny, because I only went to buy exercise clothing to replace the ones I trashed.

Barack 'n' Roll baby!

I really like this outfit, I was wearing my blue velvet jacket too, but I forgot to get a picture

And yeah, this picture is crap and in focus on the curtains and my shoes, but I LOVE EET!

changing the earrings

So um, the paper about affirmative action? Still not written. Those damn professors must have splooged all over my keyboard, or shaken all my inspiration loose. I'm off to do more research and cry into a teacup, because it'll never get finished. NEVER. But, if you want to get your TA to love you, show up in roller blades. No joke.

What do you think would happen if I just fucked off to NYC this weekend?
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