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Gender and Interruptions

Back from crazy twin weekend. It was basically a food weekend (from pita burgers, fries, cheese-filled pretzels, bartles & james pomegranite and daiquiri, Mike's Hard, candy apples, Popcorn, Ben & Jerrys, Bread Sticks, pizza, sour jacks) if it's bad for a person, I probably consumed it. Deep fried coke notwithstanding.

It was a big war between the Spruce Dicks (represented by me) and those whacky Sea and the Sky people (headed up by memphis86). Basically, this is my overarching descision, regardless of Gloria Gaynor and what the rest of the world thinks, Dick Grayson might be with other people, but if Bruce said "Hey, baby, you wanna?" he would NEVER say no. In the same way that if I was married with kids and Channing Tatum said that to me, I would NEVER say no.

drvsilla, back me up on this. Ahah, speaking of. I had the fortune to meet grayscaled, antheia, drvsilla, and cathybites--better known as the super friends. We had charburgers (thanks Memfish) and ran around a street fair that was really more of a two block fair. I had no clue what they were talking about half the time (belt buckles?, hockey players?, broadway stars?), but it was really fun to watch them go at it.

And of course all of you witnessed the spectacular hacking of my journal. If you wanted wincest!gremlins, don't blame me, memphis86 is a terrible person for getting your hopes up. It's a good thing that she has things like Wet, Hot, American Summer around and a good music collection, because I'd have to send her off for violating the Geneva Conventions.

Now I'm going to pretend to pay attention to my lecture on whether or not men interrupt women or men more.
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