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It feels like my ears have been plugged up with cement

The problem with running out of a Nyquil at 11 PM, is that in order to feel like a human being, you have to take Dayquil, and then you wind up staring at the ceiling at 4 AM with no intention to sleep.

I finished Carnivale season 1 after I begged off work to suck down soup and hot tea and cough drops. Man, I wished this had gone past season two, the whole good and evil thing really hits all my buttons. I would kind of love to plunk Dean and Sam right into the middle of this universe. Dean would be a jolly roustie who loved working the cooch show and the snake charming act so he could perve on Ruthie and Libby, and Sam would be downright unimpressive compared to the rest of the psychics and telepaths in the Carnivale.

Ugh, but I have such a list of AUs to do.
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