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I hurt but it's okay

In the last major event of our gay pride month or gaypril as we've been calling it, we brought John Cameron Mitchell to screen Short Bus. He was so amazing, just the sheer level of thought he put into everything, and so quietly contained with these awesome anecdotes. It was very special for me, when he got up in front of us, this little theater in Silliman's basement, with like 30 people max, I was just in total awe. I sort of feel like a part of my existence has been validated.

Reading period just started, so I'm going to have to start studying like crazy, right now I'm still sick as a dog though, so I'm lying in bed. Thanks so much to mickeym for the virtual gift of chicken soup, and definitely thanks to rejeneration for the bear hugs. And finally thanks to maypirate for the "renewable energy" that was so clever I nearly cried. I definitely don't deserve you guys.

I just wish my head weren't on the verge of exploding all the time. Also, more art requests? because if anything is going to take my mind of paper writing this week it's drawing. I'm taking all suggestions.
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