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Because I always listen to that ho!

My silly companion, you may call her twin or inveterate whore who doesn't understand the love that is Bruce/Dick, insisted that I do an about-me post, because I seemed to have collected several new friends. I don't know why you wouldn't just read my profile if you wanted to know random stuff, but eh...

I'm a college student just finishing up my sophomore year studying film, because in the immortal words of Burke Landers, "Boy, was I a dumbass." But it's kind of too late to change it now, and I suppose if I had changed my mind I wouldn't be driving you all up the wall with quotations from Pudovkin and Vertov and then I would be really bored all the time.

I attempted to draw myself for the purpose of this post, but the scanner failed, and I was too lazy to go in search of another one. So you get a picture. And a lot of rambly text to punish memphis86 for making me write this.

Yes, that is me. After a party, I show you because I spend quite a lot of my time like that. I like to think of myself as thrifty, like just tonight, I "rescued" two full detergent containers from the laundry room, but it's a vicious lie, I spend all my money on books and clothes and DVDs and food (I'm getting a little chubby). I actually have avoided buying new earrings in awhile because people give them to me so often. I'm wearing a new pair right this minute actually.

I like writing and drawing people in love. Mostly because I think being in love is really kind of awesome. Occasionally I feel a little bereft that this has never happened to me, but in all honesty, it could never live up to the fic I read, so why bother.

I'm actually a really big geek. I like fantasy and sci-fi and Sam is my favorite in Supernatural not just because Jared Padalecki plays him but also because I dig the dork. Although the guy I like in real life, it was recently pointed out to me, looks kind of FAR too much like Jensen. I actually had a fit in Blockbuster when my friend picked up Devour and said, "Hey, Jensen looks a lot like Grant." JARED, I SWEAR I'M NOT BETRAYING YOU. Grant's taller than Jensen and much less looking. Honestly though, if Grant looked THAT much like Jensen I would be far too intimidated to flirt with him. And I'd always sit and think, holy shit, I write gay porn about your doppelganger, and it's probably better than the sex I could have with you.

Things that make me excited are movie adaptations of comic books, martial arts movies, anything with Hayden Christensen in it (HE'S GOING TO BE IN NEUROMANCER, DUDES, I CAN'T BREATHE), Neal Stephenson books, funyans, Obama, the Manic Street Preachers, South Park, AU fic, presents, netflix in my mailbox, hair cuts, and the number on my recently added playlist in iTunes being above sixty.

I would pretty much do anything for this man below...

In my head he's my boyfriend. In fact I had a dream last night where he was my boyfriend who was a vampire calling himself the cobra. It was truly bizarre. There was something about prison and me running away trying to avoid getting turned because I like sunlight too much. Then the alarm went off.

Also, my life wouldn't really be complete if it weren't for memphis86 (THERE, I SAID IT, TWIN, YOU WIN), who cheers my antics along (although she drew the line at Jensen as waterski). Or for that matter ericaplease, who I love desperately if just for her wonderful deadpan look and because she understands Channing Tatum/Shia is really the way to go, NO ZAC EFRON, YOU CANNOT HAVE HIM!

So, if you actually read any of that...I don't know, cookies for you. I'd say I'd draw you something, but I took requests, and still haven't done any of those. Woops.
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